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Virtues of supplying water as Sadaqah


Sa’ad Radiyallahu Anhu enquired from Rasoolullah SallalahuAlayhiWaSallam that as His mother was deceased, what type of Sadaqah would be best (for inviting Divine blessings for her soul?) Rasoolullah SallalahuAlayhiWaSallam replied that water was the best of all. On that Sa’ad RadiyallahuAnhu had a well dug, so that His mother will receive all the blessings.


Supplying water was considered as being the best Sadaqah, as there was scarcity of it in Madeenah Munawwarah. All hot countries suffer from shortage of water, but there was an acute shortage in Madeenah Munawwarah in those days.

Besides this, the benefits of water are common as well as its usage. A Hadeeth says that whoever arranges a water supply system, wherefrom men, jinns and birds drink, will keep on receiving the reward till the day of judgement, even after he dies. Continue reading “Virtues of supplying water as Sadaqah”