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Don’t be a walking corpse. Ways to wake up your dead heart.

images (12)“The dead person is not one who has left the world, the (truly) dead one is he who walks the earth with a dead heart.”

Stages of hardening of the heart.

There are stages that lead to heart becoming hard. In the first stage the heart becomes dark. Darkness is then followed by rust settling on the heart and in the third stage Qasawat (hardness) overtakes the heart. Qasawat (hardness) is caused when a person stays Ghaafil (unmindful) for long periods of time.

There is hope

The locks on the heart can be opened. It need not stay there forever. The darkness can be removed and the heart can become soft once again.

Imam Qushayri (Rahmatullah Alayh) has mentioned some ways to bring the heart alive.

1. Tears of regret.

The proof of this is in the Noble Ahadeeth (sayings) of The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)

Al Huznu Jilaa-ul Quloob

To grieve (over one’s sins) illuminates the heart.

2. Staying clear from disobedience.

The wise men have said: “Whoever leaves sin, his heart achieves softness.”

A narration states: “Whoever lowers his gaze (from unlawful) seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah bestows him with the sweetness of Imaan (faith) that he will taste in his heart till the day he meets Him.”

3. Abundance of Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah)

Everything has a polish and the polish of the hearts is the remembrance of Allah.

4. Tilawah (recitation of Qur`an)

The Hadith informs us that hearts rust just as iron rusts. The Sahaabah R.A (Noble Companions) asked: “How can this rust be removed?” The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) replied: ‘With Recitation of Qur`an’.

The reason the Qur`an was revealed is to give life to dead hearts. One name of the Qur`an is ‘Rooh’ (life / soul)

Just as the soul gives life to the outer body, the Qur`an gives life to the inner being of a person. Abdullah (Rahmatullah Alayh) says: “Recite Qur`an and stir the heart with it.”

The third Khalif of Islam, Sayyidinah Uthman (Radiyallahu anhu) is reported to have said: “If your hearts were pure, they would never become satiated of recitation of Quran.”

5. Staying Hungry / Fasting

6. Duaa at the time of Tahajjud (pre-dawn prayer)

7. Suhbat-e-Sulahaa (Staying in the company of the righteous)

Almighty Allah has made the Qalb (spiritual heart) such that it is able to contain His Tajalli (attention) and Divine Light. May Almighty Allah bless us with illuminated hearts.

Translated from an Urdu lecture of Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi (May Almighty Allah elevate him) titled Qalb-Bait. Download from 

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Objecting that the Dhikr of the name of Allah has an effect.

images (32)_20160120112823967This word Allah has so many blessings. One of our Mashaaikh, Hazrat Khwaja Abul Hasan Kharqany (Rahmatullah Alayh) was once sitting and explaining the mercies, blessings and bounties of the word ‘Allah’. He was telling the people to make the Dhikr of Allah, Allah will give you peace of mind, He will take away your worries, He will give blessings in your Rizq (sustenance), He will give you blessings in your health, He will assist you in your difficulties and so many other benefits.

In the gathering there was a scholar of Mantiq (logic), Bu Ali Seena who after listening to the discourse remarked: “Hazrat! This one word “ALLAH” has so many effects, so many outcomes?” Hazrat looked at him, (and the pious handle people very tactfully) so he looked towards him and said: “Aye khar, tu che dani – O donkey, you do not know anything” When he was called this name in the gathering, he felt that he was publicly insulted, his condition immediately changed. When Hazrat found him in this condition and asked him: “Bu Ali Seena, why has your condition changed? Why are you not as your previous condition?” He said: “Hazrat, you have used such a word in front of people that has caused a change in my condition.”

Hazrat told him: “I used ONE WORD – Khar – that has changed your condition so much, if I take the name ALLAH will it not change the condition of a person? Won’t the word Allah have an effect on a person who utters it?”

(From an English lecture of Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad – [May Allah elevate him] titled: Understanding the elevated name: Allah. Download from: )

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Muraqabah Meditation, An Ultimate Cure for Depression.

download (8)An incident by Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi (May Almighty Allah elevate him) in his book “Sukoon ki Talaash / Searching for Serenity”

In 1985 this humble servant had the opportunity to deliver a lecture to the cream of erudite people in Washington. Amongst these talented people were qualified medical doctors and professors. The lecture was followed by Muraqabah (meditation) and Du’aa (supplication).

After the Du’aa a man accompanied by a few other men approached me. The companions introduced him to me saying that, he is from amongst the top twenty significant doctors of the country. It was such a pleasure to find out that Allah had granted a Muslim such an honour.

After a brief introduction, he asked me about the exercise I had carried out after the lecture. When I told him it was meditation, he asked me where I had learnt it from. I told him that I learnt it from my elders.

“Did you learn it in Europe or Asia?” He asked curiously. “Asia, of course! This has been a tried and tested practice of our elders” I replied. He thought for a while and then said, “Verily Islam is the true religion!”

He then explained: “Due to the increase in the number of people totally dependent on sleeping pills for peace of mind and a good night’s sleep, the government experienced a great predicament. Either the production of these pills had to be increased immensely to meet the requirement of the people or else a way had to be found so that people could do without them.

Hence the government summoned the top heart specialists from all around the country for a meeting and I was amongst them. In this meeting we were assigned to research on the causes of depression. It was hard to understand why in a country where individuals had freedom to do everything in life, there were so many people who were dejected and miserable.

This was a nation who ate, drank and slept when, where and how they liked. Furthermore, the government issued orders to all medical and scientific departments that our group was working under the governments command and therefore we should be given access to all libraries, information and research files.

We began our research and investigations. We experimented on people who were content and satisfied and on people who were depressed and miserable. The experiment was done using a brain scan saving the results on the computer.

Through the aid of the computer and after delving into the depths of the matter within a space of three months we figured that a certain area of the brain is linked to ‘contentment’ and a certain area is connected to ‘sorrow’.

The computer had encircled a cell showing the area that when charged causes feelings of depression and sorrow. When this cell is not charged or stimulated, one experiences feelings of tranquillity and peace.

Once this research was completed, we thought of testing it again before handing in our report to the government. Hence, we summoned a group of depressed people and put them on the machine. By means of the computerised machine we slowly reduced the charge on the affected cell until it was thoroughly uncharged. After this experiment, the depressed individuals came out of their miserable mood and seemed happy and serene.

Similarly, we conducted the test on a group of happy people by charging this cell. As was expected, these people experienced feelings of anger and irritation.

We finally breathed a sigh of relief and handed our results to the government who congratulated us on a job half done. They disputed that such a major portion of the population could not be placed on the machine and so an alternate method of eliminating the charge from the affected cell needs to be found in order to meet the requisite of a troubled nation.

We again convened meetings to discuss the issue. After considerable deliberation, the group came to the conclusion that if a depressed person gets a peaceful sleep of approximately four hours, he will then feel refreshed. We once again conducted the experiment with a depressed person putting him on the machine before sleeping and again after two hours of sleep. We discovered that after sleeping, the intensity of the affected cell reduced to a great extent leaving the person light and refreshed as a result. In other words the mind offloads the tension when one is asleep.

We then realised that if the charge disintegrates so swiftly by sleeping, then why not find an alternative that will equally expire the charge.

We made a decision to offload the mind of a depressed person by asking him to close his eyes, relax and shut out the outside world from his mind. Within 15 – 30 minutes the charge disintegrated rapidly. We conducted several kinds of similar exercises and notified the government of our successful results.

Subsequently the government established meditation centres all across the country for the benefit of the public. People now go to the meditation centres straight after work to offload the tension of the day and go home with calm and composed minds.”

After saying all of this, the doctor commented: “I asked you where you had learnt this technique because whatever research is made here only reaches the east after a significant number of years….”

I took this opportunity to explain to the doctor: “

“This muraqabah / meditation (that we do) is in effect the remembrance of Allah. It is not a result of our own efforts and research but the blessings of the Name of Allah. It is clearly stated in the Holy Qur`aan:

“Wathkur Rabbaka Fi Nafsika  

Remember your Lord within yourself…””

Upon hearing this he remarked, “Without a shred of doubt, I admit once again that Islam is the true religion. What modern day science discovered after years of thorough research had already been ascertained by Islam over 1400 years ago regarding the remembrance of Allah within oneself  and this form of meditation being a source of peace and serenity.”

Almighty Allah says:

“Alaa bi dhikrillahi Tat’ma’innul Quloob”

“Indeed in the remembrance of Allah do the hearts find contentment!”