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For Maktab Madrasah Teachers – Advice

• Nowadays many makatibs are increasing the holidays during the year. In makatibs the syllabus is exactly the same as before but due to increase in holidays the teaching quality is decreasing because the syllabus is getting covered in a much shorter time. This means there will be less quality in teaching.

• Has any teacher told his principal that our holidays are increasing so how will I finish the syllabus. Has this thought come across any teachers mind that how will I finish the syllabus. The answer is no. No concern
• In maktabs teachers should keep in mind the objective, if they dont know the objective then they should ask their head teacher.
• Make this child a good Muslim and a good believer because not all children will become huffaz and ulama. The outside world is very dangerous. Irtidaad is becoming common. Muslims are leaving the fold of Islam.
• This illness of irtidad is also coming into the houses of the ulama.
• To prevent this irtidaad we need to strengthen the taleem in makatibs
• Maktab has more importance than darul uloom. In my mind I believe that Teaching in a maktab in this era will be more rewarding than teaching Bukhari shareef. Why?
• Because the mujahadah that takes place in a maktab you dont experience that in a darul uloom. In a darul uloom you come lecture with honour, adab is there. Students know how to respect the teachers. And with dignity and honour you leave the classroom.
• The real Mujahada is teaching in a maktab. This is the real mujahadah.
• We should never undermine maktabs and say that this is so easy, all you have to do is come listen to sabaq and give new sabaq. No. It requires alot of mujahadah.
• I told the teachers at darul uloom that You are not in need of teaching maktab. You teach in a full time darul uloom that’s enough for you but no , these young boys are in need of your suhbat and company and your efforts.
• When you go to class throw a glance at the children that maybe one of these boys have a doubt about Islam and I will have to explain to them. How will I relieve his doubt . What will I say?
• Explain to the children the Love of Allah, the Mercy of Allah. Embed in their hearts that what ever Allah says is final whether I understand it or not. But also At times Explain to them Allah’s wisdom. Allah is wise so every command of his is also wise.
• Nowadays parents also dont have a concern for their children they just send their children as a tick box at the age of 5. Parents are content that their children pass through the maktab system. That is enough for them.
• What I am seeing in the future is that we will see the same holidays like at school in our makaatib and madrasahs.
• Our akaabir had worry and concern for their students. One student came to study from very far to his teacher. He had no one , no relatives. He only came to acquire ilm. One day this young child became really sick . So his teacher at tahajjud time was making dua to allah that, O Allah Grant him Shifa Or If Shifa is not written for him then O Allah I have a son the same age as this child, take my son’s health and substitute it with this students health. Moments just passed by and somebody came to the teacher with a message that your son at home is really sick you need to come home. So he started preparing to go home. On route news had come that his son has passed away. And on the other side somebody came with another message that the students health is better and he has had recovered.
• In the past this was the zeal that the teachers had for their students.
• Some teachers used to call their students at free time (unpaid) and teach them. Some Qurra had no time to listen to the hadr recitation of their students due to many students . So the teacher used to tell the students to come to his house at so and so time and he used to say when I walk to the masjid for zuhr salah you recite your hadr and I will listen.
• Imam Muhammad used to sprinkle water on his students to keep them awake whilst teaching them.
• These people had so much care for their children’s deeni well being.
• A Student dosent know his sabaq we get put off and we get tired . We look for reasons to expell him from madrasa. Is this what you call care for the students. In this case this child who you through out will die a spiritual death. Iman.
• We should Ask ourselves that whenever the need has arised to expell a student for whatever reason have we ever prayed two rakats salah and asked Allah to guide him and safeguard him?
• We need to have feelings for our children.
• The musalees in our masjid are also our Spiritual and deeni children even if they are older than us. So when we give bayans we should have feeling and concern for them.
• Nowadays the style of speaking is given more importance than substance in a bayan. To understand if their is substance in the bayaan it should be written down and then read.
Allah also grant us the true concern for our students and our children. Ameen
Hadhrat Ml Saleem Dhorat Sb majlis on Fri 18/10/19

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