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Ten Jewels for Women

IMG_20180301_230457I have collected ten jewels from the lectures of Shaykh Zulfiqar, Their sheen won’t fade with time… sparkling dazzling gems they are.
Adorn yourself with them today as I am giving them to you for free, The years of marital life will turn into a life of bliss and glee.


First of all ensure that food is prepared whilst in the state of ablution, Your heart and tongue should be engaged in zikr and contemplation.
Such food will instill piety and take your family towards Allah’s obedience, It will dispel gloom and generate seeds of unity, love and patience.


Second golden gem… never leave today’s task for tomorrow, or else things will pile up and become a source of grief and sorrow.


Third gleaming jewel I place in your hand, is to keep your home clean, Innal-laaha-yuhibbut-tawwaabeena-wa-yuhibul-mutatahhireen.


Never spread hearsay or rumour that’s your fourth ornament, Refrain from lying and passing hasty judgement.


The fifth trinket, Make it a point to escort your husband, Part with him by giving duaas as you walk to the gate.
Bid your husband farewell with duaas like fee-amanillah, Whenever he leaves, hand your amanah over to Allah.


The sixth gemstone, now that you are bejewelled with five, Clean and adorn yourself before it’s time for your husband to arrive.


Let me now hand over to you the seventh precious stone, From the husbands family maintain good relationship with everyone.


The eighth ornament, give Sadaqah, It prevents mishaps, increases sustenance and pleases Allah.


The ninth jewel, for optional Ibadah you should set a fixed time, and a special corner where you can pray in peace for some while.
Nabi sallalahualayhiwasallam said: “Mid-Morning prayer (Duha/Chast) increases sustenance”, So don’t be negligent or you will face the consequence.


The tenth jewel for today, Keep your conversations on the phone short, You will save time and be guarded from hearsay and backbiting.


From the book: Working towards an exemplary married life, a collection from the lectures of Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi (hafizahullah)

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