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Lessons from the life of our pious elders – Mawlana Thanwi (R.A) and the water can.

images (9)In the lifestyle of the friends of Allah, we find many lessons of guidance. Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (Rahmatullah Alayh) in his last illness became extremely weak. Late one night, he needed to relieve himself. In the rural parts of India of that time, there was no electricity and the toilets were situated outside the homes. Since there was no running water, water had to be taken along for istinjaa (washing). In this condition of weakness and in the darkness of the night, Mawlana carried his water can to the toilet. On his return, he felt dizzy and was unconscious for a while. When he regained consciousness, he lay down to rest. He then realized that the water can remained where he had fallen in the darkness. He immediately thought that should anyone else wish to use the toilet, he/she will be inconvenienced due to not finding it in its place. Despite his weakness, he could not bear the thought of somebody being inconvenienced in this way. He got up, went outside again  retrieved the water can and put it in its proper place.

(Source: Ar-Rasheed Vol 15, No 2)

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