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5 Amazing Qualities of Children that we can Learn from.

images (24)1. He cries for his needs

If adults can learn this quality and cry for their needs in front of Allah Ta’aala. Allah Ta’aala help us to inculcate this lofty quality.

2. He plays with sand

Even if it is the son of a king or ruler, whatever chance he gets, he will sit, lay and play on the ground. It is said that the natural affinity that children have for the ground and sand is a sign of humility. This is the second quality we can learn from children.

3. Whatever he finds he puts into his mouth

We have seen, even in wealthy homes, if the child cries and the mother gives him a dry piece of Roti (bread) the child will chew on this dry piece of Roti. Whatever you give a child, no matter how simple it may be, the child will be contented.

4. He builds houses of sand

He builds the house of sand and then destroys it with his own hands. What a good quality is this as it denotes that ‘dunya darul finaa he’ – ‘the world is a perishable/transitory abode’. A time will come when we will leave everything here and move on.

5. He reconciles just as fast as he fights

The child has no keena (rancour) in his heart. This is a very blessed quality in children. They never remember what was done to them nor do they harbour the ill-feelings in their hearts.

(From a lecture titled ‘Bachchoon ka Jhagra’ by Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi (May Almighty Allah elevate him and accept his efforts) Download this and other Urdu and English lectures from


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