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150 things that Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam) asked Almighty Allah for protection from.

images (1)Note: The 150 things mentioned below are all derived from authentic narrations and supplications of the Messenger of Allah (May Allah send salutations on Him) We must include seeking protection from these in our daily supplications. May Almighty Allah safeguard us from the seen and unseen evils.

1. Shuh


2. Jubn


3. Bukhl


4. Soo-al-Umar

Evil / ill old age

5. Fitnatis-Sadr

Corruption of the heart

6. ‘Athaabillah

Punishment from Almighty Allah

7. Fitnatil Qabr

Trial of the grave

8. Athaabil Qabr

Punishment of the grave

9. Ajz


10. Kasl


11. Haram


12. Fitnatil Mahya Wal Mamaat

Test of life and death

13. Hamm


14. Ghamm


15. Huzn


16. Dal’I dayn

Burden of Debt

17. Ghalabatid-dayn

Overpowering debt

18. Ghalabatir-Rijaal

Overpowering of men

19. Qahrir-Rijaal

Subjugation of men

20. Athaabi Jahannam

Punishment of hell-fire

21. Athaabin-Naar

Chastisement of the hell-fire

22. Fitnatin-Naar

Ordeal of the hell-fire

23. Harrin-Naar

Heat of the hell-fire

24. Harri-Jahannam

Heat of Jahannam (hell)

25. Fitnatil Maseehid Dajjaal

Evil tribulation of the Anti-Christ

26. Sharri Maseehid Dajjaal

Evil of the Anti-Christ

27. Qaswah

Hardness of heart

28. Ghaflah


29. Aylah

Economic dependance

30. Maskanah

Poverty / Humiliation

31. Sum’ah

Seeking fame

32. Riyaa

Showing off

33. Shar-ril Ghinaa

Evil of wealth

34. Shar-ril Faqr

Evil of poverty

35. Kufr


36. Qillah


37. Dhillah


38. Shirk

Ascribing partners to Allah

39. Fusooq


40. Shiqaaq


41. Nifaaq


42. Soo-il-Akhlaaq

Evil Character

43. Joo’


44. Khiyaanah


45. ‘ilmil laa yanfa’

Knowledge that does not benefit

46. Qalbil Laa Yakhsha’

A heart that does not fear Allah

47. Nafsil laa Tashba’

A soul that is never satiated

48. Du’aa laa yusma’

A supplication that is not heard

49. Da’wa laa tustajaab

A supplication that goes unanswered

50. Salaat laa tanfa

A prayer that holds no benefit

51. Hadm

Being crushed

52. Taraddi


53. Gharq


54. Harq


55. Hareeq

Being burnt

56. Thulm (Athlam aw uthlim)

Oppression (oppressing or being oppressed)

57. Zawaalin Ni’mah

Removal of blessings

58. Tahawwalul Aafiyah

Removal of divine protection

59. Faja a tin niqmah

Sudden punishment

60. Jamee’is Sakhat.

All that can warrant divine wrath

61. Sharril Amal

Evil deeds

62. Sharri Ma Sana’at

Evil consequence of my deeds

63. Sharris sam’

Evil of the hearing

64. Sharril Basr

Evil of the sight

65. Sharril Lisaan

Evil of the tongue

66. Sharril Qalb

Evil of the heart

67. Sharril Maniyy

Evil of desires

68. Sharrin Nafs

Evil of the lower-self

69. Sharri shaytaani wa sharakihi

Evil of shaytaan and his allies

70. Takahabbatish shaytaan ‘indal mawt

The confusion of the devil at the time of death

71. Mawt fee sabeelillahi Mudbiran

Dying as a fugitive in the path of Allah

72. Mawt Ladeeghan

Dying from a venomous bite

73. Baras

Leprosy / bad skin disease

74. Junoon


75. Judhaam


76. Sayyi’il Asqaam

Life threatening diseases

77. Kulli shaytaniw Wa Haamah

The devils and their vermin

78. Kulli Aynil laamah

Every evil-eye

79. Samam


80. Bakam


81. Ma’tham


82. Maghram


83. Aswaa’

Various Evils

84. Ahwaa’

Various unlawful desires

85. Shaytaanir Rajeem

The rebellious devil

86. Hamzihi wa Nafkhihi

The spurring and whispers (of the devil)

87. Bi kalimaatil llaahit taamaati min sharri maa khalaq

In the complete words of Allah from the evil that He created

88. Sharri ghaasiqin ithaa waqab.

The evil of the darkness when it overpowers

89. Shaarin naffathaati fil uqad

The women who blow in knots (sorceresses)

90. Sharri haasidin ithaa hasad.

The evil of the envious one when he envies

91. Sharril Waswaasil khannaas

The evil of the sneaking whisperer

92. Radd ilaa ardhalil umar

Return to senile old age

93. Fitnatid dunyaa

The trial of the world

94. Zillah (azilla aw uzalla)

Erring (erring or putting others into error)

95. Dallaal (adilla aw udulla)

Misleading (being misled or misleading others)

96. Jahl (ajhala aw yujhala alayh)

Ignorance (treating others with ignorance or being treated with ignorance)

97. Ghalabatil Aduww

Being overpowered by the enemy

98. Jahdil Balaa

Strain of calamity

99. Darakish Shaqaw

Becoming wretched

100. Soo-il Qadaa

Evil destiny

101. Shamaatatil A’daa

Taunts of the enemy

102. Aynil Jaani

The evil-eye of the Jinn-kind

103. Aynil Ins.

Evil-eye of man

104. Soo il kibr

Evil/wretched old age

105. Fitna fis Safr

Trial while on journey

106. Wa’athaa’is Safr

Discomfort of a journey

107. Kaaabatil Munqalab

Undesirable outcome on return (from a journey)

108. Hawr Ba’dal kawr

Reduction after increase

109. Da’watil Mathloom

The supplication of the oppressed

110. Soo’il manthar fil ahl wal maal wal walad

Evil sight in one’s family, possessions and offspring

111. Jaaris soo fee daaril maqam

An evil neighbour in the place of residence

112. Sharri shayaateenil jinni wal ins

Evil of the devils of jinn and men

113. Sharri kulli daabah

Evil that is found in every creature

114. Ightiyaal minat taht

To be sunken from beneath

115. Iqaabillah

Chastisement from Allah

116. Sakahtillaah

The anger of Allah

117. A’oothu bika minka

Seeking protection in Allah from Allah (His wrath)

118. Deeqil maqaam yawmal qiyaamah

A narrowed position on Judgement Day

119. Khubuthi wal khabaaith

Male and female devils

120. Sharri maa arsala bihi (As Sahaab)

Evil/Destruction brought in the clouds

121. Sharrir Reeh

Evil of the wind

122. Daraa al Mudirrah

Harmful distress

123. Fitnah Mudillah

Trials that lead one astray

124. Ghadabilllah

Anger of Allah

125. Sharril Qadr

Evil of destiny

126. Sharri yawmil Hashr

Evil of the Day of Gathering

127. Sharrith thawb

An evil garment

128. Sharril Yawm

An evil day

129. Sharril Waj’

Distressful pain

130. Munkaraatil Akhlaaq,

Uncouth character

131. Munkaraatil Aa’maal,

Evil deeds

132. Munkaraatil ahwaa

Evil desires

133. Munkaraatil adwaa

Evil diseases

134. Yawmis soo’

An unfortunate day

135. Laylatis soo’

An unfortunate night

136. Saa’atis soo’

An unfortunate moment

137. Saahibis soo’

A wretched companion

138. Sharri kullihi

All types of evil

139. Sharri ma aa’tha bihin Nabiyy (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)

The evil that Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) sought protection from

140. An Naar

The fire

141. Wa ma qarraba ilayha min qawlin aw amal

All deeds and speech that brings one close to the fire

142. Kulli thee sharr

Every bearer of evil

143. Shakki ba’dal yaqeen

Doubt after certainty

144. Muqaranatish Shayateen

Associating with the devils

145. Athaabi yawmid deen

Punishment on the Day of Recompense

146. Sharri kulli irqin na’aarin

Evil of every throbbing vein

147.  Sharri harrin naar

Evil of the heat of hell-fire

148. Sharris Sooq

Evil of the marketplace

149. Sharri maa fis sooq

Evil of what is present in the marketplace

150. An usiba feeha safaqatun khaasirah

To encounter any transaction which will be a cause of loss (in the marketplace)



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