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Objecting that the Dhikr of the name of Allah has an effect.

images (32)_20160120112823967This word Allah has so many blessings. One of our Mashaaikh, Hazrat Khwaja Abul Hasan Kharqany (Rahmatullah Alayh) was once sitting and explaining the mercies, blessings and bounties of the word ‘Allah’. He was telling the people to make the Dhikr of Allah, Allah will give you peace of mind, He will take away your worries, He will give blessings in your Rizq (sustenance), He will give you blessings in your health, He will assist you in your difficulties and so many other benefits.

In the gathering there was a scholar of Mantiq (logic), Bu Ali Seena who after listening to the discourse remarked: “Hazrat! This one word “ALLAH” has so many effects, so many outcomes?” Hazrat looked at him, (and the pious handle people very tactfully) so he looked towards him and said: “Aye khar, tu che dani – O donkey, you do not know anything” When he was called this name in the gathering, he felt that he was publicly insulted, his condition immediately changed. When Hazrat found him in this condition and asked him: “Bu Ali Seena, why has your condition changed? Why are you not as your previous condition?” He said: “Hazrat, you have used such a word in front of people that has caused a change in my condition.”

Hazrat told him: “I used ONE WORD – Khar – that has changed your condition so much, if I take the name ALLAH will it not change the condition of a person? Won’t the word Allah have an effect on a person who utters it?”

(From an English lecture of Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad – [May Allah elevate him] titled: Understanding the elevated name: Allah. Download from: )

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