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Muraqaba Meditation. Waiting for Allah’s mercy.

images (6)_20151231170104714Muraqaba is a meditation that entails waiting in earnest for the mercy of Allah to descend upon the heart. During Muraqaba the rain of Allah’s mercy descends upon the heart. The heart peacefully calls out Allah, Allah, Allah.

The human heart is situated at a distance of approximately two fingers width below the left breast. Whilst waiting for Allah’s mercy one should focus one’s attention on this specific spot. Moreover, one should visualise through the mind’s eye as though the spiritual heart has formed an opening on that spot and that Allah’s Noor (radiance and light) and His Rahmah (mercy) is permeating through the darkness of the heart thus illuminating it. Think as though this light is cleansing the heart of all the filth of sin and the heart is echoing the name of “ALLAH” in sincere gratitude.

Whilst in meditation one should try to “pull” this light towards one’s heart and drown oneself in Allah’s love and remembrance to such an extent that he becomes unaware of his own being and existence. Distracting thoughts should be ignored as regular meditation improves awareness and concentration.

A sign that the heart has been stirred to life

Through constant meditation more often than not one reaches such a stage whereby one feels a sensation of the heart remembering Allah as a fast pulse or the ticking of a clock and Allah’s name is heard with every beat of the heart.

Sometimes, one is not able to hear the name of Allah even after steady meditation but one notices a marked improvement in one’s spiritual condition and love for the Shariah and Sunnah. The sweetness and pleasure of worship increases tremendously. This is also an indication that the heart has now come alive. Alternatively one feels one’s desires are now regulated within the framework of the Shariah. These are all positive signs indicating that the heart has stirred to life.

(Points extracted from various lectures of Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi – May Almighty Allah elevate his status in both worlds)


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