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The 4 words that our Mashaa’ikh are cautious about.

turkish tile 1There are four words that our Mashaa’ikh exercise great caution about. These four words are:

  1. اَنَا – Ana – I
  2. لِىْ – Ly – For Me
  3. عِنْدِىْ – ‘Indiy -By Me/I have
  4. نَحْنُ – Nahnu – We/Us

These four words have the potential of putting man into difficult circumstances. Let’s take a look at the verses of the Noble Qur’aan that speak about this:

  1. Iblees said: “ANA khayrum minh” – “I am better than him” (referring to Aadam (Alayhis Salaam). This was the cause of him becoming Mardood (doomed).
  2. Firoun (The Pharaoh) said: “Alaysa LY mulku misr” – “Does not the kingdom of Misr belong to me”. He ultimately drowned in the sea.”
  3. Qaarun said: “Innama ootituhu ala ‘ilmin ‘INDIY” – “I have undoubtedly been granted this (abundant wealth and treasures) due to the knowledge that I have.” Allah Ta’aala made him sink into the earth.
  4. The brothers of Prophet Yusuf (Alayhis Salaam) said: “NAHNU ‘Usbah” “We are a strong group.” In the end they faced humiliation.

Lesson: Great caution must be exercised when using these words. If they are used to display one’s strength or pride it is likely that they can be the cause of a person’s downfall and destruction.

May Allah Ta’aala protect us.

(Extracted from an Urdu lecture titled ‘Surah Yusuf kay 101 Fawaid Part 1’– By Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi [May Almighty Allah Elevate Him])

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