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An Important Letter For Every Youth

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We reproduce here in brief, an important letter of Ustaadh Alii Tantawii that he had written to his son. It is a glorious pen picture of Islaam as seen by the youth today and a reassuring speech from a man of insight. With much wisdom and dignity, it invites the reader to uphold Islamic Values.

“Son, why do you write to me with hesitation and shame? Do you think that you are the only one who is tempted by his base desires? The only one trapped in this net?

No son! It is not so. Be merciful to yourself. The malady you speak of is a malady afflicting every young man today. Many see dreams that cause them insomnia. How many have become deprived of their businesses and employment. What must the young do in these very difficult days when young blood rushes with excitement and sexual desires flare up? Allah Rabbul Izzah has shown us the institution of marriage to counter it. However, circumstances draw you towards a thing that is very evil.

The courses open to you are:

  1. Drown yourself in your emotions and low desires and be lost in lustful dreams. Read vulgar stories, see naked films, and look at beautiful girls everywhere. The result will be that you will see a woman in everything, you will be confused, turn mad or have a nervous breakdown.
  2. Masturbate. It is a grave sin and a poison that kills. A person who masturbates is soon fatigued, often sick and always defeated. His body degenerates rapidly. He avoids people, he fears life and may suffer from impotency.
  3. Be trapped in the quicksand of unlawful sexual relations. Go to the dens of immorality, mortgage your health, youth, future and religious beliefs. You will not get educated or achieve success. You will not only be irreligious but will also relinquish your worldly entitlement. You will visit prostitutes one after the other. You will ruin your health and waste your youth. Known wrestlers, land owners and wealthy men became a poor reflection of their previous selves when they succumbed to this sin.

Allah Most High punishes habitual sinners through sickness and frailty. A man of thirty looks like a feeble old man of eighty.

But whoever safeguards his youth, his old age is safeguarded for him.

I hear you asking, “What is the cure for this sickness?”

The cure is that you adopt the way Allah Azza Wa Jall has chosen for you. To act on the innate nature given to us by Allah Azza Wa Jall is to adopt the way of Allah. We must remember that for everything that He has declared unlawful, he has created something lawful. Thus, if interest is outlawed, trade and commerce are permitted. If adultery is disallowed, marriage is legal. Therefore, the cure you seek is in marriage. If you lack the wherewithal to enter a married life, then control yourself.

images OLD STEAM KETTLE 2RAISE YOUR SPIRITS – The example of the teapot.

Look at a teapot that is placed on a fire. It boils. If you shut it to prevent steam from escaping, it will burst because of the steam inside. If you pierce a hole in it, all the water will pour out and the teapot will burn itself. Alternatively, if you attach a tube to it, like the pipe connected to an engine, it will drive factories, run trains and perform other tasks for you.

  1. The first example depicts the condition of a person who is lost in lustful desires and sexual thoughts.
  2. The second is of a misled person who veers off the path and goes to prostitution dens.
  3. The third projects a noble soul. A virtuous person.

Therefore lighten the burden on your soul by applying yourself to spiritual, intellectual or physical activities. The trapped potential within you should be turned to good use. Turn towards Allah Most Merciful. Concentrate on Ibaadah (worship). Apply yourself to fruitful employment. Engage in study. Exercise and do not be idle. Man hankers after sound health and strength. Exercise and build your health. Develop your body. Do not waste your strength in sinful activities. Let not your strength be sacrificed at the altar of a woman. This is the medicine. Only marriage is a complete and full remedy.

If that is not possible, then the sedative and momentary cure is through magnanimity and self-restraint. This is the most practical prescription to cure this malady.

The hymn sung by senseless, mischievous people.

They argue that mischief will be checked if we permit men and women to mix freely in society and familiarise them with it. They hold that immorality will be curbed. They say too, that if restrictions on prostitution dens are not lifted, other clandestine houses of sin will spring up in different localities.

This is nonsense and a foolish argument. The infidel nations have long experimented with this idea, but results have been adverse. Immorality has increased manifold in their lands. Regarding their suggestion to open up prostitution dens, the question is that how many dens must be allowed so that all the aspiring youth are served? Thousands of prostitutes will be required – Besides if young men are permitted to visit these dens, they may abandon the idea of a married life. What will become of the girls awaiting marriage? Must such dens be set up then, where male prostitutes solicit female customers? This is very strange. It is not sensible. It is prompted by lustful minds. These people do not support the noble ideas that marriage be promoted, women advance, civilisation progress and a healthy atmosphere be built. They use empty words. They raise a new slogan each day. They aim to corrupt Muslim girls. It is very sad that in order to be termed progressive we are willing to give up the values of Islaam.

Therefore my son, Get Married! If you cannot marry, then create in yourself the fear of Allah. Make Duaa to him to make you chaste and pure. Busy yourself in Ibaadah (worship), teaching, exercise and other fruitful endeavours. This is the only way to save yourself from a sinful life.

O Muslim boys and Girls, This is the only solution to your sexual problems. Do not fall prey to the slogans and brainwashing of your foes. They wish to realise the conspiracies of the Non-Believers. They scheme and conspire to erase the urge of spiritual striving from the hearts of the Muslim youth and to render them incompetent for the defence of Islaam.

Their wish is that Muslims may bow down before tyrants, consent to the will of atheists and be herded like sheep.

O Muslims! See through the false propaganda. Be patient. Align yourself with Allah The Exalted, and wear the crown of honour. The Noble Quraan tells us not to pursue the path of misled people. (Surah Al Ma`idah – 5: 77)

Source: Tarbiyatul Awlaad Fil Islaam (Nurturing children in Islaam)
Author: Moulana Habibullah Mukhtaar
Page: 232-236

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